Can you make a video on... ?
Video suggestions are welcome, go to Suggestions and post a comment with the topic you would like to see a video on. Please know that I make one video per week, so it takes time to get to suggestions.

How do you know so much about cars?
Flattering, thank you. I read and watch quite a bit on cars. Websites, YouTube channels, automotive books. Another great thing to do, especially if you're just getting interested in cars, is to go to a local junkyard, pay a couple bucks to get in, and then start disassembling everything. Start from the top, and just take apart an engine. It will make understanding them very clear, and easy to remember once you have a good visualization of the involved components.

Do you know of any good books for learning more about cars?
Quite possibly my most popular question. For those looking for a basic introduction, How Cars Work is a good, cheap book for learning the fundamentals. If you're like me, however, it won't quite satisfy your appetite for knowledge, so I recommend going with more detailed and technical books, including Automotive Technology - A Systems Approach (Great, technical, in-depth with excellent diagrams) and Modern Automotive Technology.

For those looking to go beyond the general knowledge books, and looking for something a bit more mathematical, I have two books on my bookshelf that I'd recommend. The first, Automotive Engineering Fundamentals, gives a good general overlook of automotive engineering, and also includes good information on vehicle dynamics. The second, a personal favorite, is Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine. This book gives great arithmetic insight on engines, and also includes fantastic history tidbits throughout. It's a must have if you're fascinated by internal combustion.


Are you an engineer? What did you major in?
Yes, I majored in mechanical engineering

What school did you go to for your degree?
I attended North Carolina State University. For more information about me, see About Me.

I'm thinking about becoming an engineer or maybe a mechanic. Do you have any advice?
Yes, a healthy amount of advice. See Future Plans.

What kind of car do you drive?
I drive a 1999 Acura Integra GS Coupe. No, it does not have VTEC. Just a basic 1.8L DOHC engine that many years ago produced 140 hp.

I'm in Formula SAE, could you help me design the... ?
I wish I could help people with Formula SAE, but unfortunately I don't have the time to help on individual projects. My recommendation is to use FSAE forums for help.

Where should I go to school for engineering?
Since people watch these videos from all over the globe, I won't be able to recommend specific universities. However, I do have some advice. Start looking locally first, and see what schools offer mechanical engineering. Then make sure that the engineering program is accredited. If you're one of those super smart 4.0 people (then you're probably not reading this) check out rankings for your country for good engineering schools. Here is an example for United States Ranked Engineering Universities.

I want to buy you a gift, but I just don't know what to get you!? 
Ahh yes, probably one of my most frequent questions. What can you get me as a gift? Turns out, there's only one thing I want for Christmas each year. It's the Center Lock Racing Toilet Paper Dispenser.  Yes, the toilet paper dispenser of all toilet paper dispensers. There comes a time every so often where one must switch toilet paper rolls - conventional methods are just too slow. I need this for increased productivity in the bathroom! Okay, and the Six Speed Toilet Plunger isn't bad either. Send me an e-mail and we can work out shipping arrangements. ;)


  1. Lol @ the toilet dispensers

  2. Lol...toilet paper dispenser...hahaha!!!

    Well, good to know bout u man!!!
    Right now i am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from India.
    My team is aspiring to take part in SAE-BAJA competition. Could you please help me in this regard, or if u can suggest some BAJA forums.

  3. sir i m fan of urs...can u pls explain gear selector mechanism how it works.

  4. Hello,
    I am a big fan o your videos and am a subscriber. I would appreciate if you could answer on question honestly for me. I became inspired from your channel and want to make similar videos. I was thinking of the channel name 'AutomotiveLessons' but my friends are saying no. I want my channel to look and sound professional and sophisticated, just like yours! :)
    So is 'AutomotiveLessons' a good username or not?
    Thank you for your time.
    Yours sincerely,
    A fan

  5. how planetary gear works?please explain

  6. Hei Jason.
    Could you tell me how to create a good video like you.
    It's a 29fps and MP4 format, and really good lighting..

    Your camcorder is Canon Vixia HFM40 which it has 24fps recording mode. But, your video on youtube is 29fps.How to increase your camcorder framerate? And, how to make MP4 video data output from HFM40?

    I'll be waiting for your answer.

  7. can you write your gpa and classes you had during highschool so I can compare your how intelligent you have to be to pass all those classes you completed and see what type of university I should go to compared to what you achieved. Would you recommend going to a community college then a university for mechanical engineering or go straight to a university like UCLA OR USC?

  8. You know, you remind me of Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter. The guy always hoped someone would present him a pair of socks for Christmas; all he got were books and more books :D
    I came by your youtube channel by chance, never left it since!

  9. Awesome work, I came to your website looking for CVT explained videos and your video explained such complex stuff in such simple detail. I think for the next few weeks I will be hooked onto your channel for more car tech knowledge.

    Keep it up. Awesome work !!!

  10. can you answer me.... what components in the car ...should be improved to get better acceleration...and the second question is that... nissan skyline r34 and nissan 350z ...why is the first one is faster although it has 2.5 2.6 inline engine and ..the second one has v6 ...even though fairlady is set up a turbo...it can't go faster than gtr r34 ,they have nearly same weight though.

  11. hi friends..
    I am working on my final year project "Electric car for handicapped people", all i want you people to tell me that which type of DC motor should i use, so that it could run 500 kg car at a speed of 60 km/h.... and how much volt DC motor should i use...
    so friends help me, a little knowledge sharing will help me allot... i will be waiting for your replies...

  12. Hey... the toilet paper dispenser link is bad... how will I know its the right one ? :)

  13. Hey was wondering if the car is still under warranty and the throttle body needs changing if it should be covered under warranty? Thanks

  14. Can i get a base map of fuel and ignition of a bike. Its urgent. Pls reply asap

  15. You drove both the Maxima and Camaro. Which do you prefer/recommend?

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  17. Hi Jason!

    I would appreciate if you could make a video explaining the physics of exhaust pop sounds during deceleration of cars.

    Thank you!

  18. Hello , good day to you i hope . Id like to knkw how many years did you go to university for engineering ?

  19. Where's the merch store? I want some T-shirts!!

  20. Jason,

    Let next generation 'scuba' charging send you into engineering ecstacy! I know many of us hypothesized this simplistic design before but someone actually built it and it's going to leave gearheads foaming at the mouth lol. Behold CAS:



  21. Do you know any books I can purchase about engineering before I go to college??

  22. Any books I can purchase about engineering before entering college??

  23. Hey,Can you suggest any books for steering part.I am in the sae baja and right now pretty confused as to where should I start.

  24. Love your channel. Suggestion for a video. What would change in an engine, other than gearbox and starter motor rotation/direction for the engine to rotate in the other direction..... Question Inspired by recent Harry's Garage video on the Miura.... Which had different engine rotation direction from early to late versions, apparently. Thanks

  25. Hey Jason,
    I have learned a lot from your videos already. I have become interested in purchasing a used Subaru Impreza WRX to use for Uber and Lyft as well as my daily driver. I have been exploring the cost of ownership trying to educate myself about the cost of maintenance of an aging vehicle accumulating miles. As vehicles age and miles are driven, parts inevitably wear and need to be replaced. I used to believe that you could get a much nicer car for a given amount of money if you are willing to drive a used car that is a couple years old, but with Subaru's holding their resell value and well documented maintenance from Car Fax it seems like the idea of vehicles losing thousands of dollars in value upon driving it off the lot is only a thing of the past. I would appreciate any insight you can share concerning the cost of ownership of a properly maintained vehicle as it ages, how the cost of maintenance will change as miles are driven and how it might relate to resell value in the future. At what point does it make sense to buy a newer vehicle with less miles that has larger upfront cost instead of an older vehicle with more miles and a more immediate need of maintenance and replacement parts, but a lower upfront cost?

    A curious student,
    Grant Heidenreich

  26. As we can see many developed countries like France and UK are going to stop the sales of petrol cars.., will this happen and if so hypercars like paganism, koenigsegg would lose their demand or they could be purchased?

  27. Have you ever considered having a course, like in udemy? I won't mind paying for some structured "how does a car work" course.

  28. I like your post. It really useful with me. Thanks for sharing these useful information!


  29. I recently patented an EV battery tech to more than double battery-run-times, a ground-roots effort; and am building a team. Would you know of an electrical engineering student or new graduate that might be interested in helping develop a CGE model - for presentation purposes. Great opportunity for long-term rewards - to ground floor participants: Energy in motion is the theme, important tech. Not that complex! Care to talk? Thanks.