4. Transmissions

This lesson explores the step of passing the transmitted power from the torque converter or clutch to the driveshaft, all of which occurs inside the transmission. First let's take a look at how automatic and manual transmissions work.

Now that we understand how the power is transmitted, it is important to understand why different gears are necessary. First gear will have the most torque, but at higher speeds the top gear will yield the highest efficiency.

As a continuation of the previous video, the torque advantage of various gears is explained with the following video.

There are certainly many types of existing transmissions used in today's cars. One, used primarily for its quick shifts for racing purposes, is the dual-clutch transmission. This transmission utilizes two clutches to shift gears incredibly quick, and with torque always being transmitted to the tires.

Another transmission which is becoming increasingly popular as technology evolves is the continuously variable transmission (CVT). CVTs allow for uninterrupted acceleration, since there are no gear changes. This means greater efficiency. Unfortunately, the amount of power these transmissions can withstand is relatively low, so they are only common in unison with fuel efficient low volume engines.

Power can be sent from the transmission to the wheels in various different manners. The next lesson will discuss drivetrain layouts.


  1. Are you going to make a video explaining the 17 gear manual systems that everyone uses in every single Fast and Furious movies?

  2. could you make a video about how overdrive works

  3. Bumping up the above request. An explanation on overdrive system please

  4. Automatic transmission is always preferred over manual transmission. The reason behind is that in manual transmission, the gearbox handle remains in the car driver. So many times, the driver doesn't take care of it and the Gearbox gets broken.

  5. a better way, if you don't mind, of teaching how the components work together in a motor; i think it would be helpful to go back and refer to your car for a more better understanding. like you did in the "how a clutch works" segment.

  6. Hey Jason, I m from India, there is a bike in India - TVS Jive, which has T-MATIC Auto clutch technology. Can you please explain how this thing works.

  7. can explain basic types of gearbox ? constant mesh, sliding mesh, syncromesh ?

  8. It is true that these days automatic transmission are now more preferred over manual transmission. There are few reasons behind this such as driver doesn’t have to handle the clutch pedal and no gear shift task that makes it easier and more comfortable. However, both automatic and manual transmission accomplishes the same function but in different ways. You have exaggerated their whole working phenomenally making all the factors easily understandable.

  9. Hi Jason (Fenske )
    I am Andy 61 y/o
    We are enjoying your videos at home Thanks
    With the popularity of the SUV's still is an intentional confusion about which type of transmission can do what or is better Open slip differential mechanical Vs electronic etc 4X4 vs AWD and so on
    Amarok is full automatic = ones you are of raod that it nothing else need to be done
    I have a Kia Sportage with a elec diff is similar to Amarok
    How much of road can take the risk to go ?


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